7 search engine marketing best practices you must be doing irrespective of what Google says

In many methods, natural search rankings are the lifeblood of the online commercial enterprise world. As search engine optimization experts realize all too nicely, Google is famously quiet approximately what goes into their search rating algorithms, which they replace all the time. When a new update is released, seek fans are brief to make assumptions about how to tweak their SEO strategies to thrill the all-powerful Google bots.

From time to time, specialists behind the scenes at Google drop large guidelines about the indications of a replacement – “prioritize this, dismiss that.” However, irrespective of what the brass at Google thinks or does, there are a handful of search engine marketing duties you need to be nevertheless listening to. Here are the seven massive ones.

7 search engine marketing best practices you must be doing irrespective of what Google says 15

1. Optimizing image alt textual content

Image alt text has long been a precious factor in search engine optimization. Over the past few years, there have been growing talks about using machine mastering to recognize what a photo is and what it’s all approximately – which changed into the number one function of photograph alt text.
So does this suggest that inclusive of alt text is a waste of time?

No. Definitely not.

Regardless of the more recent, AI-fueled processes for picture reputation, you aren’t going to lose whatever via including good photo alt texts on your internet site. Keep in thoughts, device getting to know is a fairly new concept. While photo alt textual content might be totally obsolete inside the next 5 to 10 years (maybe faster), optimizing your pics in the “old-fashioned manner” is a superb idea to play it secure.

2. Prioritizing authority of the content

Content “authority” has been this ambiguous issue of SEO given that the beginning. Obviously, Google wants to gift users with the maximum credible and authoritative content material based totally on their search queries. Following the August 2018 Medic Core update, it becomes more or less clear that companies in the Your Money Your Life industries had to be prioritizing the E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) in their content material. However, on this current March update, it appeared like quite a few of the information surrounding this concept has been redacted (this is a hypothesis, of course). People had been left with the question, “Should we nevertheless cognizance on constructing authority with our content material? If so, how a whole lot?”

Plain and simple, you must ALWAYS be running to create authoritative content constantly!

This comes down to the fundamentals of making insightful, reliable content material. Make it smooth for the average user to consume, reference credible statistics/data to aid your claims, offer clean takeaways, and so forth. These commonplace techniques of making authoritative content material were true because of the beginning of the internet. “Some pages have plenty of phrases that say nothing, and word count is not indicative of nice. With this in thought, Google will not always rank your content based on word count on its own. Short-form content has the identical ranking capability as long shape. But does this suggest you must make the most effective goal to create shorter content material?


The most vital component approximately creating content is that it gives the best viable data based on positive queries, and more importantly, personal motive. Maybe you can do that in 500 words; perhaps it takes five 000. Ultimately, it’s as much as you to use your high-quality judgment as a site owner. According to the current content material studies case look at with the aid of Backlinko, “Long-shape content gets a median of seventy-seven. 2% extra hyperlinks than quick articles. Therefore, long-shape content material seems to be perfect for one-way link acquisition.” This leads to improved natural search outcomes too.

Keep in mind that content portions with better phrase counts have greater potential to goal more applicable queries and get to search purpose. So, that being said, you are regularly better off developing longer content. Eliminate the fluff and ensure you’re answering pressing questions with meaningful and credible perceptions.

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