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Do many common Avast Ad-Blocker users often ask these general questions like How to turn off ad blocker on avast? Or about Avast ad blocker chrome. The following article is sincerely targeted towards answering these doubts and questions. But, before answering these commonly asked doubts. It is essential to understand what Avast is; it’s a role, features, and so considered and preferred as a safe medium for the last few years.

Avast antivirus is a wide group that provides a high level of security to the internet platform. It develops this security system for many working systems requiring various security and super shield levels safely. Avast covers various operating systems under its high-level security, including macOS, Microsoft, Android, and iOS.

Avast has been regarded as the most popular vendor or running in the market for providing safety and security applications for the last few good numbers. Avast has been working as an antivirus system. It runs as a security application and provides a lot of safety. Avast is a secure browser that works mainly in providing safety. It comes with multiple features, including SmartScan, Browser Cleanup, Ad-blocker Avast. Secure DNS, Cyber Capture, Home Network Security, and Intelligent Antivirus.


These many listed features are efficient in keeping the viruses far away from the system. Many functions of these features identify and get hold of any Malware, Spyware, Virus, or any other kind of threat that can harm the system.

Among the above-mentioned features comes this Ad-Blocker feature, which is the main concern of this whole article. The increase of high system risks and various already existing and new coming up cyber threats. It has become essential that one needs to have an adblocker feature.

Though it is equally essential that one knows that the ad-block feature differs in various ways, one should filter their choice before getting an Adblocker. The difference is seen in Different browsers; one can have an extended ad-blocker compatible for these browsers include many well-known browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

A user must know about the difference in names used for AdBlocker, such as AdBlocker, AdGuard, or AdBlock. Also, with the difference in name, the purpose or the use of ads and how they work differently. Some ads fully block the ads, whereas some selectively block ads concerning the users’ safety and privacy. Some are used as browser extensions; some only actively work for desktops or other devices individually.

Avast ad blocker extension for chrome

Chrome is one of the most used and easily accessible browsers. Millions of users use it on their devices. Avast ad blocker, as much as is active towards providing safari, Firefox or other similar browsers it’s safety service. It is equally efficient in providing the best possible blocker extension for Google Chrome.

As listed above, Ad Blockers comes with various names; not all work as an extension for Chrome, but many do, and the same case is with other browsers. Some of the best extensions compatible with Chrome are


Avast Ad Blocker for Chrome is mainly used to block the most irritating or unwanted ads, including pop-ups or video ads. This blocks ads for many of the common social sites to help the users have an uninterrupted experience.

Adblock Plus

This is another ad blocker similar yet not the same as AdBlock. This secures the browser by protecting it from Malware risk. It is efficient in consuming less loading time and stops any ads from loading. Overall, it makes the browser run faster and better.

Many users prefer the ads to be blocked; some still wish if it is unblocked. They wonder why they cannot see ads or why Avast is blocking some of the sites. So, blocked or in locking of Avast Ad Blocker is Simple and Quick.

How to turn off the avast adblocker?

To disable, follow the given steps.

1.On your Avast Windows, Look for ‘ My Avast.’

2. Now, look for the ‘Settings’ option and click open it.

3. Disable AdBlocker, tap on the ‘Block Ads and remove the tick mark’ option. Save these changes.

How to enable an avast ad-blocker?

To enable an ad blocker on Avast, follow the given steps.

1.On your device, open the browser.

2.Look for the ‘more info’ option and click on it

3.Click on the ‘Site Settings’ option

4. You will see an option, ‘Ads’; click the down arrow.

5. Click on ‘Allowed’ and reload the browser.


Q.1 How to disable avast ad-blocker?

A.1 To either disable or even enable an ad blocker is very easy. All you need to do is, on your browser, look for the settings and then the Ads option. There you can accordingly disable or enable the ad blocking settings.

Q.2 Is Avast Ad-Blocker safe?

A.2 Yes, Avast Ad Blocker is fully safe. Rather, it is there to keep your browser and your system safe and secure from any virus, malware, or other minor and major threats. Avast comes with a vast range of best features related to the safety of the systems. These features include a scanner, ad blocking, and virus detection.


In the above article, we went through the Avast antivirus system, few commonly raised up or often asked questions associated with it, such as

How to disable ad-blocker avast? How to turn off avast ad-blocker? Or how safe it is to use. Also, Sd blocker features to use, and as ad blocker as a blocker extension for browsers like Chrome, we’re also briefly discussed.

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