Ben Cronin, Pinnacle: “Now greater than ever, advertising and marketing techniques must be nicely-rounded and records-pushed”

With the inaugural Digital Marketing Forum less than per week away, we capture up with speaker Ben Cronin, Head of Content Marketing at Pinnacle, who explains how content material can build manufacturers and have interaction audiences.

AffiliateINSIDER: Hi Ben, can you start with the aid of telling us a bit approximately your gaming information and your career records.

Ben Cronin: I’ve been with Pinnacle for three years now, and over that time I have been imposing my skills, and the enjoyment I won at the agency facet of virtual advertising and marketing.

I changed into severe approximately making a bet before I joined Pinnacle so I indeed elegance betting know-how as one among my regions of expertise. That domain-specific information is prime to the knowledge of our target audience and the way our product have to be advertised.

On the technical aspect, the early part of my profession become heavily centered on search engine marketing, and that’s something that I’ve endured to develop and helped Pinnacle with over the last few years.

AI: Content advertising and marketing is complicated at the best of instances, a method and useful resource are required to do it right. Can you percentage what varieties of content material are dominant for Affiliates to remember?

BC: This is undoubtedly depending on the brand, what they’re seeking to reap, and the audience they are looking to reach. Blog style article content material is obviously brilliant for search engine optimization and ultimately acquisition, but in case you’re more interested in immediate engagement with your audience and helping them start a journey along with your product then the video can be a better route to head.

It’s additionally really worth considering the energy of audio. There are masses of podcasts obtainable, and if you get it correctly, it can be high-quality for brand focus. When you have the sources at your disposal, then a mixture of all 3 of those is excellent. If not, you’re better off focusing on getting one proper and scaling up from there.

AI: Where is content marketing as a consultant advertising skill headed in 2019 and beyond, mainly with the complexity of multiple activities that take location in sports betting?

BC: I think now more than ever, advertising strategies (and marketers themselves) have to be properly-rounded and data pushed. People tend to commit quite a few time to the innovative work at the back of a piece of content material however you need to position as a whole lot effort into analyzing its has as you do growing it.

Data sincerely is the critical thing to the entirety we do at Pinnacle, and I’d expect the identical can be said for the significant majority of others within the industry. Even in case you’re a one-person team, there’s no motive why you can’t use easy metrics like Page Views, Sessions, Bounce Rate and Time on Page in Google Analytics to help inform your selection making technique about content material advertising.

AI: Your panel discusses how content material can build manufacturers and have interaction audiences. Can you percentage a few highlights that delegates can be able to research from your session?

BC: I assume it’s a very properly-balanced panel and there ought to be something there for all and sundry. Whether humans want to get insight from an operator’s angle, a publisher’s or learn more approximately the corporation facet of the enterprise, we’ve were given all the bases protected.

Speaking for myself, I suppose all people curious about getting to know why you ought to increase a content marketing method and in which to start will advantage from my enjoyment and what I can percentage in terms of ways things work at Pinnacle.

AI: The advancement of influencers and artificial intelligence (AI) should be having a massive impact on content advertising and marketing. How do you see this converting the approach that sits in the back of content marketing in a virtual sense?

BC: I think human beings feel such as you want influencers that will help you reduce thru the noise to attain your target audience and achieve success with content advertising and marketing and that’s likely why we see it used a lot in the meanwhile. However, as I said before, you have to be worried along with your logo.

Using an influencer is probably proper for a competitor; however, that doesn’t make it right for you. Your content needs to be regular and accurate and if forcing an influencer into that mix distorts the ones essential additives then it’s nicely presented.

As for AI, the effect it has had in current years is notable, however looking to grasp how an awful lot it can broaden and how massive that impact may be inside the future is quite frightening. We’ve already seen significant changes with automation, concentrated on and retargeting, personalization and even new kinds of customer support. However, there are masses greater to come. It, in reality, appears like we’re at the start of something substantial.

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