Does Your Content Marketing Mix Address Your Business Challenges?

“Never create content just for the sake of making content material.”

Chances are you’ve seen this comfortable piece of advice echoed across countless articles, webinars, and meetings through lots of well-meaning content advertising experts. But to a skilled marketer, this tip is natural common sense. Who of their proper mind—with an overstretched budget and a boardroom full of keen senior executives uncertain outcomes—might make content material only for amusing?

Does Your Content Marketing Mix Address Your Business Challenges? 15

You understand better. You’d in no way submit a chunk of content material without a clear intention and approach. Additionally, you already know your content material advertising and marketing mix need to no longer only reflect cutting-edge trends; however, furthermore, continually cope with your business demanding situations and assist reap your goals. But with content material marketing, this mysterious and wild beast, always morphing and changing—when you assume you’ve got it mastered, something new demands your interest and begs for your sources—how do you get your blend simply proper? Here are a few do’s and don’ts that will help you conquer enterprise pain points even as making the excellent use of your resources.

Don’t Abandon Tried-And-True Informational Content.

Epic storytelling and charming suppose portions assist you in putting your emblem other than the noise and litter of our content-saturated net international. These sorts of efforts help pressure an emotional connection between your logo and your audience. If you’re fortunate, this content material will move viral and convey the latest paying clients in heaps. But you may pressure that kind of magic, nor need to you spend all of your time and effort trying to create the subsequent unicorn. Sometimes the excellent and maximum useful piece of content is likewise the maximum realistic. And realistic mustn’t imply uninterestingly.

You need to continually strive to make your content material as attractive as feasible. Just calibrate: There’s no need to maintain reinventing the wheel when your audience is craving top, old skool data. After all, whether they’re doing it thru voice instructions or getting into a question thru text, most of the people nonetheless turn to search engines like google to are seeking solutions to everyday problems and troubles. And when brands consistently deliver beneficial content material, serps reward them with more favorable ratings.

Take Travelers as an example. The emblem’s content material hub is chock-complete of well-optimized, informational content that’s noticeably relevant to its target audience. Within the center, you’ll discover a mix of weblog posts, motion pictures, and interactive tools addressing questions like, “How an awful lot does it price to shut on the house?” Travelers additionally give step-by way of-step guides on topics like a way to p.C. For a move and which methods will best guard your property against stormwater damage. While those materials might not sense like grandiose brand storytelling, the coverage corporation’s dedication to solving actual customer issues through its content material marketing enables them to construct a basis of an agreement with and reliability with their target market.

Don’t Become Sidetracked with the aid of Every Flashy New Trend.

Take the now-infamous “pivot to video” fashion as an example. In 2016, advertising soothsayers were positive that video could replace the whole thing pretty a lot. With organic social attain within the toilet, and apparently, every corporation within the world blogging, motion pictures seemed no longer only a possible approach for grabbing your audience’s attention, however one that might force wild success to your logo. And at that point, Facebook’s video metrics supported this concept—and while the social media giant says “leap,” advertisers begin training their parkour.

Practically in a single day, huge media organizations commenced laying off writers and hiring video production teams. Some almost ceased growing written content altogether and alternatively pumped their sources into steeply-priced and time-eating video efforts. The consequences? Publishers that pivoted to video throughout the summer season of 2016 saw a 60 percent drop of their internet site visitors that August compared to the equal duration a 12 months before, in step with information shared by way of Digiday. Eventually, Facebook came smooth, admitting it inflated its video metrics using 60 to eighty percentage, finally facing a massive lawsuit.

Does this cautionary tale imply you need to by no means explore new or one-of-a-kind styles of content? Of route not. Innovation is critical to logo sustainability. But in no way put all your advertising and marketing eggs in one basket, and don’t waste all your sources chasing a new fad. The video is an effective and vital addition to your content mix, but it shouldn’t robotically take precedence over other media assets at your disposal.

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