Five Content Marketing Ideas for June 2019

In June 2019, content marketers needed to haven’t no scarcity of ability subjects to draw, interact, and keep clients. In a great deal of North America, the climate may be grand, and nearly any article or video that promotes outdoor sports may be a winner. That is why my first two guidelines in this month’s list of content marketing thoughts should do with the outside. Remember that content material advertising is a long-term approach. Done nicely, it must grow search site visitors. It will broaden the target market an awful lot as an ebook does. And its target market ought to turn out to be relatively loyal to the company and its merchandise.

Five Content Marketing Ideas for June 2019 15

For instance, I’m aware of an electric-powered bike business enterprise that is now enjoying a 50-percent boom in website site visitors from its content material advertising efforts, which began simply 5 months ago. This consists of a forty-eight-percentage growth in Google Search site visitors.

1. Celebrate Great Outdoors Month

President Clinton created Great Outdoors Week in 1998 to inspire Americans to enjoy the kingdom’s public lands, trails, and outdoor sports. Each of the next 3 administrations has embraced and extended the event, growing it into Great Outdoors Month. There could be a natural connection for many online groups and, therefore, a possibility to create and sell out of Doors-related content. But any e-commerce company should be able to discover topics.
As is often the case with content advertising, there are a few angles an enterprise should use for Great Outdoors Month, which include describing outdoor activities, developing how-to articles, or protecting related history.

Let’s don’t forget a few examples.

The U.S. Forest Service holds Great Outdoors Month activities at lots of its neighborhood branches. Some of these events are focused on kids. So an internet store selling children’s clothing and shoes should submit a list of kid-targeted Great Outdoors Month sports using nation. The commercial enterprise might even create an interactive “Get Kids Outdoors” map that showed one or two occasions in every 50 states.
Next, reflect consideration on a business that absolutely sells out of doors equipment. This online dealer may want to produce how-to articles related to outdoor activities and the objects it sells. Here are some viable titles.

“How to Plan an Urban Adventure with Google Maps”

“How to Tie a Bowline Knot in 7 Easy Steps”
“How to Read a USGS Map”

Finally, online dealers whose merchandise are not directly associated with the outdoors can discover topics to cover. For instance, an e-commerce commercial enterprise promoting energy equipment may create content material about the U.S. Civilian Conservation Corps, which became part of a public paintings comforts software from 1933 to 1942. The Corps constructed most of the trails inside the United States, and you may wager that equipment and production skills got here into play.

2. National Ocean Month

June 2019 is National Ocean Month inside the United States, and Saturday, June eight, 2019, is World Oceans Day. Both are intended to remind us how much we rely on oceans and how important it’s to preserve them.
From the content marketer’s attitude, National Ocean Month is an opportunity to inform tales of the sea. This might be focused on conservation, the surroundings, or recycling — but it can also cowl something ocean-related. As an instance, think about a brand along with Filson, Duke Cannon, or Best Made. Any of these shops should post a reading list of the ten best ocean journey books.

3. Global Running Day

June 5, 2019, is Global Running Day. It is a hazard to promote strolling as a game and inspire everybody to emerge as extra active. Running Day may want to paintings as a content topic for any business focused on health or health or has clients simply interested in fitness. The key is locating a way to connect that occasion to your business enterprise’s brand and products.

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