Five Tools to Track Your Brand Mentions on Social Media

Imagine a stunning international in which each one among your customers tells you what they think of your logo in complete honesty, or even folks that don’t need to be your clients tell you why it’s for the case. And even though the truth might hurt now and again, this state of affairs is a dream come authentic for marketers everywhere.

Except, it’s no longer a dream – it’s the reality we live in.

Although monitoring brand mentions is a pretty easy concept. People had been speak about products and brands when you consider that forever: changing suggestions, complaining, speak approximately commercials, or bringing up a logo in passing. These discussions at the moment are going on on social media, and you have a hazard to display and faucet in these conversations. Moreover, with social listening software, manufacturers ultimately were allowed to investigate their target audience’s choices and unfiltered critiques.a

The equipment that tries this can also range substantially in price, functions, and systems they monitor. In this text, you’ll locate the equipment to empower your emblem to tune, have interaction with, and examine social mentions, whatever price range and goals you’ve got in mind.

Five Tools to Track Your Brand Mentions on Social Media 15

The true energy of Brandwatch lies in its extraordinarily detailed social information analytics.
Although you can see person mentions within the pop-up window when you click on statistics graphs, you’ll want to go to the social community’s internet site to engage with them. That makes liking/responding to mentions pretty tedious.

  • The employer gives 3 platforms:
  • Analytics
  • Vizia
  • Audiences
  • Each of them has its own precise functions.
  • Analytics

The Analytics platform examines the information you acquire and segments it based on most unusual words, sentiment, vicinity, gender, etc. You can see a minute-via-minute analysis of mentions, so you are capable of spot even minor adjustments straight away. Iris AI technology will provide you with a warning if it detects an unusual height to your mentions.


The Vizia platform is devoted to building reports. It lets you integrate Google Analytics, BuzzSumo, and Hootsuite statistics and choose what metrics you need to offer. You can proportion reviews with the stakeholders, your colleagues, or management through electronic mail.


The Audiences platform changed into designed to perform thorough Audience research. It’s basically a database of Twitter users, which you may search primarily based on the keywords in bios, and recent tweets, region, gender, and the money owed they comply with. You can examine your audience’s continuing conversations to determine what they may be talking about and who they may be enticing with.

Other Features

In addition, Brandwatch gives unique features inclusive of image popularity, emoji evaluation, and smart reports.
As you spot, Brandwatch offers you extremely precious insights that could manual each step of your social media advertising and marketing strategy. However, if your aim is daily community control, social help, and lead generation, you’d be better off with any other tool. Platforms monitored: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Sina Weibo, VK, QQ, information, blogs, etc. Pricing: The Pro plan (the maximum low cost) prices $800 a month with 10,000 month-to-month mentions.

Mention’s emphasis is on real-time tracking. Once you set up an alert, you get mentions that date back no extra than 24 hours. Historical records are most effective to be had in Custom plans. Mention offers numerous settings (using date, language, and supply of mentions) and a Boolean seek mode to layout an ideal seek query. Once your installation your alert, you’re able to react to social posts within Mention’s platform and connect a Buffer account to schedule reposts of favorable mentions, for instance.

You can tag a person mentions to unite them in a single group.

In the Insights center, Mention dissects your social listening records using multiple parameters together with the sentiment, reach, language. The tool allows you to customize your reviews accordingly from the array of metrics; you may select the ones you need to include in your automatic document. Moreover, Mention gives customers access to their API so that you can combine the Insights with other advertising software programs you operate.

Mention targets to be “at the watch” 24/7, so it will robotically send the contemporary mentions via email or Slack. They even have a mobile app so you can deal with new mentions on the go. Platforms monitored: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, information and blogs, etc. Pricing: Free trial available. In a Solo plan for $29, you get 2 signals and a month-to-month limit of 3,000 mentions.

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