Google drops cellular app homes from GSC, reminds website owners to remove G+ integrations

This week, Google dispatched notifications to web admins, SEOs, and developers through Google Search Console, telling them that cellular app properties and Google+ net integrations will no longer be supported.

Google drops cellular app homes from GSC, reminds website owners to remove G+ integrations 15

Mobile app properties. In 2015, Google brought the capability to encompass your cellular apps, specifically Android apps, in Google Search Console. Starting in 2017, Google started out moving that functionality from Google Search Console to Firebase. And, as anticipated, numerous GSC features are shutting down in March, and one of these functions is cellular app assets support. Google sent an electronic mail to those who have app residences in Search Console that they will no longer be supported in the past due March.

The mobile app electronic mail notification. The e-mail says, “You are the proprietor of 1 or more cell app houses in Search Console. At the give up of March 2019, Search Console will give up support for app properties.” Google+ net integrations. Google+ is final down quickly, at the least the client version of it, and, with that, the Google+ social sharing buttons will forestall operating. Google sent notifications to publishers with Google+ buttons or any internet integrations with Google+, telling them that they need to eliminate the one’s integrations by way of March 7, 2019. The Google+ notification e-mail.

Here is a replica of the email that says, “Google has announced that Google+ for customers may be sundown. As part of the sundown, all Google+ net integrations will forestall serving on March 7, 2019. This has the potential to affect internet site layouts and functionality if no movement is taken through website owners.”

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