Google Explains When JavaScript Does and Does Not Matter for search engine optimization

Google’s Martin Splitt keeps his JavaScript search engine marketing video series with an episode explaining while JavaScript is worth stressing about.

He also identifies the makes use of of-of JavaScript that isn’t well worth annoying approximately.

It’s not always necessary to be concerned approximately JavaScript concerning search engine marketing.

As Splitt explains, SEOs must simplest be worried when they’re working with a “JavaScript site.”

Google Explains When JavaScript Does and Does Not Matter for search engine optimization 15

What is a JavaScript site?

A website online that uses JavaScript does now not usually qualify as a “JavaScript website.”

If all primary content material may be considered without loading JavaScript, then you have nothing to fear about.

On the other hand, if JavaScript is essential for displaying important content material, you they’re running with a “JavaScript website online.”

Another form of JS website online is a single page app, which includes a shell typically with numerous perspectives showing one-of-a-kind content.

If you’ve ever used Instagram on a cellular browser, then you have a perfect example of a single web page app.

When Instagram is loaded in a cell browser, the header and footer are static (the shell), while JavaScript is used to fetch and show the primary content.

When is JavaScript relevant for search engine marketing?

JavaScript turns into applicable for SEO while it’s getting used to load or modify critical content material dynamically. Ideally, Googlebot ought to be capable of seeing all content material on a web page, consisting of the elements which can be being dynamically delivered using JavaScript. So if you could view the web page supply and see all essential content, then JavaScript isn’t relevant to search engine optimization in that instance. If you can handiest see some of the content inside the page source, that will get indexed throughout the first wave of indexing. The content material that needs to be rendered using JavaScript will be listed throughout the second wave. Splitt explained two waves of indexing for JavaScript content in his previous video. In later episodes, Splitt will move into extra detail about improving JavaScript rendering in the second wave of indexing.

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