Here’s how to copy antique AdWords column settings to the brand new Google Ads UI

If you’ve been removing the problem of rebuilding your stunning columns layouts from the old AdWords interface, Google has mentioned your ache. This week, Google brought the capability to copy your columns preferences from the old AdWords interface to the brand new Google Ads interface. How to do it. Go to the Tools icon inside the higher right corner of the UI and pick Preferences (beneath the Setup column). Expand the brand new “Columns desire” option to reproduction your other column options on your Google Ads account.

Here’s how to copy antique AdWords column settings to the brand new Google Ads UI 15

Important to be aware. There are a pair of factors to preserve in thoughts earlier than deciding on this feature. First, the alternate is everlasting. If you click on the “Copy Columns” (proven inside the screenshot above), you’ll see the following notice before confirming the trade: Copying columns replace all your existing Google Ads columns – in all debts – with your other AdWords columns. This exchange can’t be undone and takes as much as 24 hours.

You can see your column status in your column preferences. Second, if you’re logged into an MCC (grasp account), the columns preferences will copy over to all the statements below that MCC. If that’s no longer what you’re seeking out, log in to the character bills to apply your old replica settings. Ginny Marvin is Third Door Media’s Editor-in-

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