How To Captivate Your Audience With Episodic Content Marketing

When a lot of content material is flooding the marketplace, how do you stand out via the noise? Marketers are turning to episodic content material advertising to set themselves aside from the opposition. Episodic content material advertising is long-form content broken into smaller chapters or “episodes.” Content takes the shape of a story that follows a plot and slowly exhibits greater to the viewer with each episode. This storytelling technique is an effective way to connect to customers and preserve them coming back for greater.

How To Captivate Your Audience With Episodic Content Marketing 15

While varieties of episodic content marketing include articles, infographics, and podcasts, the video tends to be the most famous and powerful medium, and it’s not hard to see why. Cisco predicts that using 2022, video visitors will account for 82% of patron net visitors. As video becomes greater typical, so does the want to elevate it in a way that connects clients to a bigger experience. Episodic content material marketing offers a strong possibility for your logo to attach repeatedly with your target audience. That is essential thinking about traditional advertising awareness continues that it takes an average of 7 touchpoints earlier than purchasers convert. There are many blessings to using episodic content advertising: It creates a go-back target audience, builds subscribers, and establishes credibility, positioning your brand as a professional in your industry.

Businesses of all sizes can leverage storytelling to connect to customers. Here’s how to use episodic content advertising to set your content other than competitors and hold your target market coming back for greater.
Develop a storyline. The intention is to captivate your target audience with a exciting storyline and no longer resemble an advertisement in any manner. Develop fascinating characters and a plot that resonates along with your target audience. Once you broaden the storyline and characters, determine the variety of episodes you want to tell your story. Consider growing a storyboard to assist plan how the tale will spread in each episode.

Create anticipation.

What makes television shows so addictive? Suspense and cliffhangers are elements of anticipation that maintain visitors tuning in, again and again, to discover what takes place subsequent. For instance, my company creates “Future of Real Estate” episodes that we proportion on YouTube; we follow the adventure of an actual estate agent in Los Angeles. Viewers tune in to get a peek at the most steeply-priced houses in LA and to see if the agent could make $30 billion in sales for the 12 months. The content material is entertaining and has a detail of suspense that leaves viewers questioning if he will meet his target.

An exciting look at the Georgia Institute of Technology monitored how viewers of Alfred Hitchcock films behaved during low and high-suspense scenes. When a story lacks suspense, human beings grow distracted and aware of their interest in their environment. During excessive suspense moments, the mind narrows what people see and focuses their interest on the story. You can get visitors lost inside the narrative and preserve them tuning in by growing the equal degree of suspense or pleasure on your episodic content.

Engage your target audience.

When growing episodic content material, it’s vital to take into account your audience. Are your characters relatable? Does the tale set up a connection? Rather than cast a huge net, you must intentionally align your content material with the subculture and persona of your target audience. For example, Kate Spade’s video collection “Miss Adventure” follows the misfortunate activities of a character dwelling in New York. The logo forged Anna Kendrick, an actress already popular with the logo’s target audience. Using a well-known actress and a wonderful storyline, Kate Spade gained visitors over in its video series.

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