How to look at the Google I/O 2019 keynote

There’s an outstanding deal of anticipation surrounding Google’s 2019 I/O developer convention — specifically considering all of the leaks and rumors that have already been circulating. As it did final 12 months, the convention is taking region on the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, starting today and walking via May ninth. However, maximum eyes may be on the main kickoff keynote, which starts offevolved at 10 AM PT (1 PM ET).
We’re sure to listen loads approximately Android Q (in particular considering the fact that we’ve already gotten an excellent take a look at the beta), however, Google will possibly offer lots greater detail for different new features to come back. We’re also hoping for a observe the new Pixel 3A and 3A XL telephones, that has been the focus of several leaks. There is also a ramification of other new and up to date services and devices that we’re hoping to find out approximately, which includes the Nest Hub Max smart display and the brand new Stadia gaming provider.
Want to be in at the amusing? We’ve got all of the info under. Watch along with us to find out what Google actually has in the shop.

For the primary time considering October 26, Google has up to date its usage share file for Android. Typically, the record is released month-to-month, so there are a few massive changes. Up till the day before today, one should fairly say that Android nine. Zero Pie is on much less than zero.1% of Google Play devices in step with the corporation’s latest file. Now it is on 10.4%.

Anything that’s not at the list is on fewer than 0.1% of Google Play gadgets, so that would encompass matters just like the Android Q beta, Android 3 Honeycomb, and variations earlier than Gingerbread like FroYo and Eclair.
There’s not a whole lot to examine the numbers with, being that it’s been seeing you later given that we have had an Android utilization document. This is the primary time we have seen Pie at the listing, even though it turned into announced closing August. Even although Android Q is simply across the corner, Pie needs to continue to benefit momentum for a while to come. There are many search engine optimization specialists today. However, you can only divide them into two: white hat and black-hat. When we say white hat, these are people who are optimizing websites through ethical standards and methods. On the other hand, the black-hat optimizers are using unethical ones that Google don’t like at all. Examples are duplicate contents, keyword stuffing and link scheming. Generally, these people use temporary ways to rank a website. But through the latest Google update, they manage to keep things more strict to punish those who are doing it wrong. The latest update from Google recommends or highly prefers those who use proper methods of optimizing a website. This includes incorporating proper keyword density, having high-quality content and ensuring proper link building. What’s good about the white hat is that a website can run in the search engines as long as it doesn’t get banned from using unethical techniques.
Penguin 2.0 is All Set
Penguin, a Google update, is now made more ravenous to catch any black-hat SEO professionals who are working on manipulative ways in order to rank a site. Search engine optimization has been active for many years and each year it continues to become more competitive as more marketers are gearing on the #1 spot on the search engine results page (SERPs).
This year they launched another Google update naming it as Penguin 2.0. This update strengthens Google’s effective plea in targeting those unethical SEO people. It aims to punish those who use keyword stuffing, duplicate contents, and link building schemes. Thus, the search engine optimization people should now be ready to confirm all their wrongdoings and start doing the right thing to stay in the leading online marketing channel.
Free Wi-Fi in San Francisco Parks
Since 2007, there have been debates and proposals already when it comes to providing free high-speed Internet access in the local parks of San Francisco. But it is only this 2013 that this was approved and presented as a gift to the San Francisco community. This free Internet access is available in playgrounds, parks, plazas and other recreation centers in the area. This only means more communication and productivity for the people of SF. Though the plans are still processed for approval, the installation is said to be started by November and people can now use it by early 2014. This is definitely good news for all professionals who still want or need to be online while they’re bringing their children or themselves for some refreshing walk.

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