PPC 2018 in Review: These changes may have the biggest effect on advertisers in 2019

Major adjustments in SEM made waves for the duration of 2018 and are redefining almost every aspect of paid seek advertising. There have been a number of momentous shifts, nearly all with a common thread of more automation and gadget getting to know.
We recognized 9 massive regions of trade in 2018 so one can form the way paid seek entrepreneurs work within the yr ahead (and past).
1. Google Ads: New emblem name, new UI
If you still call it AdWords, you’re now not alone, however, Google Ads is catching on. The name trade from AdWords to Google Ads is indicative of the reality that keyword choice performs a lesser function in paid search advertising than even a year in the past, however extra broadly the call trade displays the platform’s growth from one created for text advertisements to one that now includes dozens of advert formats across Search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps and a network of associated sites and apps.
The former head of ads and trade, Sridhar Ramaswamy, said for the duration of the assertion that the AdWords call connoted keywords and search, “It’s basically a mild cognitive dissonance to all of the other first-rate matters that we are doing in terms of both the format and surfaces these advertisements can display.”
Aaron Levy, director of paid seek at Elite SEM, positioned in this manner in a communicate at SMX East: “Keywords are a vintage records stage. We have many greater approaches to targeting now. AdWords is now referred to as Google Ads for a motive.”
With the new interface, we misplaced a few things along with Display Planner and gained a YouTube attain planner, notes and the ability to make adjustments from the Overview page further to different new features. If you’re nonetheless now not definitely onboard, right here are a few useful tips.
“The new UI is extra of a command center than a dashboard.”
Why is the UI exchange enormous? “The UI itself isn’t the impact, but what the brand new layout approach,” stated Levy via email this week. He sees the new UI as the alternate a good way to have the most important impact in 2019. “The new UI is extra of a command middle than a dashboard — it seems strikingly much like the artist formerly called DoubleClick. There are a million new levers and one million new methods to phase information, which to me says we’re subsequently transferring far from key phrases and text ads as the ‘center’ levers of SEM, specifically with Google blowing up in shape types. There are a ton of sections of the UI that currently only have one or a few features (see: superior bid techniques), which sincerely have been no longer put there by accident.”
2. Responsive Search Ads
We first pronounced on the larger, more automatic advertisements in May once they have been nonetheless in beta. Responsive seek advertisements RSAs) are a part of the continuum of letting device studying models do the paintings of ad creative optimization. Some of the tasks which have come earlier than it: dynamic seek advertisements, automated ad tips (formerly Ads Added by Google) and Google’s efforts over the past year to get advertisers to give up manual A/B testing and add as a minimum 3 advertisements per ad institution.
“From our angle, the introduction of Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) changed into via far the most important development of 2018,” said 360i VP, Search Marketing Practice Lead Jason Hartley. The importance of RSAs, said Hartley is much less about performance (although he stated they’ve seen interesting results), and greater approximately the stability of automation and manage that RSAs provide. “In 2019, we assume the equation to shift further in the direction of automatic creative and far away from the guide manage we’ve come to be acquainted with, with modular ads turning into the default unit within the major search engines like google and yahoo.”
An ad electricity indicator and fairly extra considerable reporting for RSAs have been brought in August. That equal month, Google said it might soon roll out RSAs to greater languages and within the interim expand the extra individual benefits of RSAs to text ads for everybody. This fall, Bing added help for the 0.33 headline and 2d description in text commercials, along with the capacity to import the longer ads from Google.
3. Exact Match will become “exactish in shape”
As with advertisements, more gadget getting to know turned into injected into key-word-to-query matching in 2018 with the inclusion of equal which means phrases in close variants of genuine healthy keywords. The match kind misplaced its literal which means (the community voted to dub it “exactish healthy” in our renaming contest earlier this month) and compelled entrepreneurs to rethink how they use in shape types altogether.
Opinions ran the gamut whilst we checked in with entrepreneurs in November approximately the effect and the way they have been dealing with the trade, suit sorts, and marketing campaign organization.
“PPC execs need to attention on information the whole consumer journey.”
Amy Bishop, founder of Cultivating Marketing stated, “With the transition of actual suit to extra of an “exactish” healthy, the release of the target audience reports in Google Analytics, the increased emphasis on YouTube targeting settings, it has become an increasing number of clear that PPC pros need to recognition on know-how the whole patron journey.” With that cognizance and influx of automation, Bishop stated, the marketing disciplines of understanding your market and clients take precedence over manual control duties.
“We will in all likelihood be less and much less capable of maintaining to depend so heavily on keyword targets and, rather, need to retain to focus on leveraging demographic, firmographic and engagement statistics to map out campaigns to our advantage,” said Bishop.
Four. AI-powered insights

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