Greece’s PPC receives six expressions of interest in coal-fired energy plants

On Friday, ATHENS (Reuters) – Greece’s Public Power Corp (PPC) obtained six expressions of interest in three coal-fired energy flora it is promoting below a submit-bailout settlement with its international lenders.

PPC, which is fifty-one percent nation-owned, relaunched the final sale week after a previous gentle did not entice excellent bids remaining month.

Expressions of the hobby were from Beijing Guohua and Damco Energy, China Western Power Industrial, Sev. En Energy and Inverse Coal Investments, Gek Terna, ElvalChalkor, as well as Mytilinaios Group.

Greece's PPC receives six expressions of interest in coal-fired energy plants 15

PPC is promoting two flowers in Megalopoli on the southern Peloponnese alongside every other plant and a license to construct a new one in Meliti, northern Greece, after a European Union courtroom ruled that the utility had abused its dominant role inside the coal market.

The sale is part of a listing of reforms Athens needs to finish to qualify for the disbursement of also resource after its state-of-the-art bailout expired last August.

PPC has stated it wants to conclude the sale by way of May and that it has been in touch with buyers from the United States, Russia, and China so one can attract new bidders.

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