The Glittering Eye at 15

Blogiversary posts were frequent in the early days of OTB, while blogging became in its relative infancy and plenty more communal. I haven’t written one in years and, indeed, often overlook to jot down even about our anniversaries.

Dave Schuler’s weblog, The Glittering Eye, is one of the few I nonetheless read. He’s celebrating 15 years today.

When I started posting right here at The Glittering Eye, most blogs have been impartial, non-business ventures produced by way of single people as this blog remains. A lot has changed in 15 years. Nowadays most blogs are institution blogs, bloggers have ended up newspaper columnists, and media businesses, businesses, and agencies incorporate a large amount of the alleged content being produced. Facebook has taken over most non-public blogs.

Nowadays on average, I write five posts an afternoon. Over the 15 years, I have written nearly sixteen,000 character posts. It is still shape of remedy for me, maintaining me engaged and fascinated. I plan to hold this weblog as long as I have the attention and electricity to do so. I nonetheless have stories to inform.

He’s also written another 2,374 posts right here at OTB and was a regular participant inside the past due, lamented OTB Radio all through a whole lot of its run.

Dave’s one of the few bloggers I nonetheless study on an everyday basis. His politics are tough to figure, and his interests are, to mention the least, diffuse. His takes will help probable infuriate readers from each the left and the proper, such as each supporter and detractors of our modern President. But he’s continually thrilling and thoughtful.

So, congrats to Dave on his blogiverary and here’s hoping the awareness and strength preserve themselves for many more excellent years yet to come.

Wendy Mckinney
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