GoogleBot Runs Latest Chrome – This Is Big News

Probably the largest news for the search engine marketing industry out of Google I/O the day before this turned into that Google said Googlebot is now evergreen, which means it’s going to live up-to-date with today’s model of Chromium, their popular Chrome browser. This brings lots of new functions to Googlebot for crawling functions. I did cowl this remaining night at Search Engine Land, and this information should not come as a marvel to everyone – we noticed Google trying out this only some weeks ago.

GoogleBot Runs Latest Chrome - This Is Big News 15
In any event, Google stated, “Today, we’re satisfied to announce that Googlebot now runs the modern-day Chromium rendering engine (seventy-four at the time of this put up) when rendering pages for Search. Moving forward, Googlebot will regularly replace its rendering engine to ensure assist for ultra-modern web platform capabilities.”

Googlebot Supports New Features

Googlebot now helps 1,000+ new capabilities, they said, which include no longer restrained to ES6 and newer JavaScript functions, IntersectionObserver for lazy-loading, and Web Components v1 APIs. But it nevertheless can’t do the whole thing; Google made a web page for JavaScript issues with seeking that you need to be aware of.
Here is a picture of some of the one’s new functions:

It’s Still Not Perfect

Also, Google nevertheless desires to do waves of crawling to render the JavaScript. GoogleBot will move your web page slowly first, after which to completely render the JavaScript said, Martin Splitt. He stated there is nevertheless going to be a postpone and Google might not be capable of move slowly and index it all on one pass:

Biggest News At I/O

Ilya Grigorik from Google said this information “takes the cake” from all the different bulletins at Google I/O. Why? See what he stated on Twitter:

Does Not Seem Live Yet

I went via my log documents; I nonetheless best see Chrome 41 for GoogleBot across many of my extraordinary websites and log documents. Others say they do not see it as well. I suspect we will see it quickly.

GoogleBot Is Shared

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Handling Capacity of the Modern SEO

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