Google Ads Reporting is Currently Delayed Until Further Notice

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Reporting information for Google Ads and AdSense is presently not on time due to a worm located on April 30.
Google showed the worm is delaying information reporting for April 30, May 1, and May 2.
“On May 1, at about 5 pm PST, a worm precipitated Google Ads reporting for April 30 and May 1 (Pacific Time) to be wrong. This bug affects reports in all Google Ads interfaces, such as any document data downloaded via the AdWords API, Google Ads API and Google Ads Scripts.”
The organization said the issue may be resolved these days, but all signs imply it’s miles nonetheless ongoing.
It’s now not unusual for Google to underestimate the time-frame of bug fixes.
If the recent indexing bug is something to move by using, the difficulty may not be resolved for days after Google’s unique estimate.

Then once more, it is probably resolved day after today. We’ll wait and see.
However you study it, Google Ads and AdSense reporting are behind schedule till similarly note from Google.
The organization says it will post a replace whilst there may be more facts to proportion. Google PPC may be one of the easiest ways to generate traffic to your website and make some decent profits from your AdWords campaign. Google AdWords is the most popular form of pay per click advertising for small businesses, partly because of Google and their AdWord advertising popularity, and partly because it allows you to control your expenses by setting daily maximums for each ad in your Google AdWord campaign. In your Google AdWord campaign, you set how much you are willing to PPC (pay per click) and how much you’re willing to spend a day. These numbers in your Google AdWord campaign determine how often your actual will show on a viewers screen when she hits the search button. Advertisers who have set there AdWord Campaign budget highest, and are bidding higher on that particular keyword, shows up first in Google’s Sponsored results.
Google AdWords advertising usually starts off as a trial and error for marketers who are new to using AdWords. It kind of comes down to you having to spend some, in order to make some. And often times you are going to find yourself losing a lot more than you’re making. It’s going to take a lot of reading and research to really learn Google AdWords, how it works, and how to become profitable from it. An AdWord campaign is more than guessing and throwing number together. To become a Google AdWords professional you MUST study your niche, choose your AdWord keyword list wisely, and refrain from any bidding wars. Bid on what you feel comfortable with. Once you start making more money from your Google AdWord campaign, then you can slowly start upping your bids, but NOT right away.
AdWords Campaign
Google AdWords allows you to run numerous AdWords campaigns at the same time. This is key. One of my best practices is I test different ads to see which one is converting better. For example, for one ad I may have my header title ‘Guide To Google AdWords’ and for my description, I may put something like, ‘My Definitive Guide To Google AdWords has helped make people $1 million dollars a month.’ That would be my first campaign, and I would target keywords like Google ad word, AdWord advertising, AdWord campaign, AdWord help, Google AdWords professional, Google advertising, advertising on Google and so on. For my second campaign, I would try something like ‘AdWord Advertising Really Works’ with a different description. After about a week or so of checking the stats in the AdWord campaign, I would know exactly which ad is working the best and which one I should ditch.

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