How Local SEO Helps Increase Store Footfall

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Despite the increase in online sales for most major multi-channel firms, Accenture has forecast that the “brick-and-mortar store will continue to make the greatest contribution to revenue until at least 2026.”

This directly relates to the value of local search, enabling companies to be easily found online, translating into a visit to the store and eventual purchase. Although the local search is crucial to keeping small, independent businesses high in search rankings, it is becoming more relevant now for bigger businesses.

We need to know about digital marketing services. High on the digital marketing list should be the value of registering the company online and making your position transparent to potential clients, especially when you have a physical store and shop office and want to increase your footfall.

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Include local keywords:

If Houston is searching for SEO services, they can use phrases like ‘Houston SEO company.’ Other words that can include Houston’s local SEO company, Houston digital marketing services, etc. Or they can use more descriptive words. So, you need to figure out how people use these words in their local searches. And include in your content.

Business listing:

It’s free and allows your company to appear in a local quest. This is a vital first step in finding out about your company and finding your potential clients’ physical location.

Google My Business will verify your position by calling or sending you an email depending on your business form, but you will normally receive a 5-digit verification code.

When you have entered this online, you’ll be able to assert your location and start entering business details for that location.

Include structure data:

This is a code snippet that is included in the code for the website. The structured data contains details such as company name, phone number, brand logo, website address, company existence, price, etc., allowing Google to determine if a search query is relevant to your business. To check if your website code has structured data added to it.

Get listed in local and online directories:

After optimizing the business page, you can also get listed in other online directories to increase your chances of finding yourself. These references to information such as your name, address, and contact details, known as ‘citations,’ will add credibility to your company. More trust in customers’ minds means a bigger footprint in-store to prefer your business over others.

Manage google reviews:

Look for good feedback on the core company page and beyond. Most big directories have a review feature for customers to report back on their experiences, but Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Yelp, and even your website are the most popular. Reviews are a great way to receive positive feedback about your company and your brand, and be caavoidtive reviews. Try to handle your ratings the best you can. Study current local search patterns so that you can adapt your SEO strategy to fit your customer’s quest for you and make it even easier to find your company, which inevitably leads to increased footfall.

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