Google Names The three/12 Update The “March 2019 Core Update”

Google didn’t like that the search engine marketing network turned into going with the Florida 2 call, so that they determined to tweet out that they’re going to be calling it the “March 2019 Core Update.” Can they try this?

Google Names The three/12 Update The "March 2019 Core Update" 15

Google’s Search Liaison account published on Twitter:

Google said they get it why it’s miles beneficial to name a few updates and that they stated: “our name for this replace March 2019 Core Update.” Why did they call it this? They said they “suppose this facilitates keep away from confusion; it tells you the sort of update it changed into and when it occurred.”

Can they rename updates given with the aid of the search engine optimization community? Well, they did it with the Panda replace – we knew as it the Farmer replace, and they renamed it to Panda.

The Panda replace targeted content farms, so early on, the community named it the farmer replaces. Google then modified the call to the Panda replace.

If you ask anyone if they heard of the Farmer replace – that they had maximum possibly say no. But I’d be amazed if any search engine optimization did not understand the Panda update.

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