Seo Hyun Jin is underneath fire for postponing then canceling her attendance to an event on the final minute

On May nine, the welcoming rite for ambassadors Lee Jae Hoon and Seo Hyun Jin took place at the Seoul Regional Tax Office. According to the National Tax Service, their new ambassador Seo Hyun Jin did no longer show as much as the ceremonial event as promised. Seo Hyun Jin all at once canceled her attendance at the final minute due to “fitness troubles.” Lee Jae Hoon attended the occasion by myself.

Seo Hyun Jin is underneath fire for postponing then canceling her attendance to an event on the final minute 15

The occasion had already been postponed once upon Seo Hyun Jin’s request. Originally, it was scheduled to take place a month ago, on April 18. A rep from the National Tax Service expressed frustration, declaring, “We had been at a loss for words after receiving a name from Seo Hyun Jin’s business enterprise mentioning she can’t attend because of fitness motives. In reaction to Seo Hyun Jin’s absence, netizens showed mixed reactions. Some showed issues, stating, “Maybe she’s virtually sick,” “Whatever the cause is, I’m concerned.” On the other hand, a few fired grievance, mentioning, “That’s so irresponsible of her,” “Maybe her face modified like her drama. Meanwhile, every 12 months, the National Tax Service appoints celebrities with exact tax records as their ambassadors. These stars promote as the National Tax Service fashions for a yr – acting on posters, ads, and extra.

This News year, I turned into presupposed to host a celebration that began at 8 inside the nighttime. At four within the nighttime. We canceled. Everyone that becomes presupposed to attend become pissed. I was cursed at and known as all styles of names by using some people who I concept were my pals. I found out my Mother has a degree four most cancers that morning. She wasn’t ready to let different people understand, and I may want to barely procedure the news for myself, let alone percentage it with all people else.

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