Google Pops the Redirect Link Building Balloon

Google’s John Mueller supplied insights approximately how Google treats a famous black hat link constructing trick. His solution deflated the advantages of the method and also gave insights into how Google’s algorithm manages redirected links.

301 Redirect Link Building
The technique consists of purchasing a new domain, constructing links to that domain, then redirecting all links to the leading internet site. The belief is that the approach will disguise the links from Google because they may be passing thru a specific domain and skip alongside the rating sign, at the same time as leaving behind any negatives.

Variation of an Old School Techniques
There is an extended way of life of magical thinking related to redirects and redirecting domains. There is also a history of exploiting the real residences of 301 redirects that may switch hyperlink ranking signals.

Link constructing to a domain that redirects is a variation of old processes for penalty healing, sandbox solutions, and viral link techniques.

In 2005 it changed into cautioned that redirecting the first domain to a new area would assist the web site rank quicker, to push it out of what web publishers referred to as the Google Sandbox.

Redirecting URLs to some other domain has also been counseled as a way out of the Penguin penalty. The idea changed into that if the hyperlinks had been poisoned, taking down the web page and redirecting all hyperlinks to that web page to any other domain could do away with the penalty from the website.

Another manner redirects had been exploited changed into as a part of a link baiting and viral hyperlink marketing campaign. A search engine optimization creates content that generates a top notch amount of hyperlinks. When the viral link marketing campaign changed into over, the old school SEO would redirect all of the lots of inbound hyperlinks to a product page to assist that page rank higher.

The 301 redirect part of the viral hyperlink strategy become by no means publicly discussed on time. It changed into just something vintage school CEOs did to recreation Google and mostly stored the name of the game to themselves.

This isn’t a method that works anymore because Google has through the years modified how 301 redirects and the waft of PageRank features.

Google Shows Why Redirect Trick Does Not Work
Here is how the Reddit publish defined the technique:

“Whitehat or blackhat? Seo representative advised me to shop for a similar area to the principle; they may create web2.0, one-way links, blog remarks and discussion board posts to that area. I then use a 301 redirect to the principal domain. He says that’s how anybody’s rating fast in recent times.”

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