Top 5 Sites to Help With Link Building

If you’re a marketer who wishes to learn how to build the best links efficiently, then check out the top five sites mentioned below, along with the resource these sites offer.

Top 5 Sites to Help With Link Building 15

Moz (The Broken Link Bible)

Moz is one of the top SEO authority sites, and a few years back, they came up with a fantastic resource called the Broken Link Bible. In it, the “Bible” producers advise how the first step is to perform research for broken links on relevant sites. Then, web admins and editors should be approached with pitches for fresh content. The great news for marketers is, the fresh content will contain a new link back to their landing pages. This is one of the strategies contained in the “bible” that benefits marketers and benefits webmasters who don’t have the time or the inclination to find broken or neglected links within their site pages.

Quick Sprout (The Advanced Guide To Link Building)

Neil Patel is one of the top CEOs in the world, and he owns a handful of digital marketing sites that sell marketing tools while offering end-users a host of free educational content. Inside of The Advanced Guide To Link Building, Neil offers tips, strategies, and direction for selecting some of the best link-building software currently being provided. His guide also promises to help marketers find and obtain “silver-bullet” links and approach the top authority sites that will allow you to link from their websites with ease.

If these weren’t enough, then The Advanced Guide To Link Building also promises readers how to obtain top-shelf links from .gov and .edu sites, as these are usually hard to come by. Readers will learn to achieve high-quality links while building critical relationships with digital marketing “gatekeepers,” such as pro bloggers and influencers.

Site Explorer from Ahrefs

Using Ahrefs for link building is also an excellent idea for marketers who wish to perform analytics on their competition. Specifically, site explorer is a back-link tool that allows marketers to begin research even if they don’t have a site developed yet! The software can also perform 404 error searches to find broken links on competitor sites.

Screaming Frog for linking and relationships building

Screaming Frog allows marketers to tackle their link-building strategy from a couple of angles. First, the software will enable marketers to perform extensive research to find sites with broken links or fresh link-building opportunities. What’s more, marketers can directly reach out to bloggers and journalists who are always hungry for fresh, relevant, link-worthy content. Of course, by drilling down on a multi-pronged approach to link-building, then the marketer will realize faster gains on their efforts.

Hit Reach teaches link reclamation.

Imagine scenarios where company brands, key persons of interest, CEOs, or products are being mentioned and receiving “shoutouts” on other sites. Still, they aren’t linked to the brand/person/place/thing’s website. This leads to a host of lost linking opportunities, and a link reclamation strategy assists with this.

In short, link reclamation allows marketers to reach out to the publisher of any content piece that mentions their person/place/thing/brand while asking for the publisher of the content to add a link back to the desired and relevant landing page. The great thing about link reclamation is, the marketer already has a built-in audience for the link, and the marketer gets to control how fresh and relevant that inbound connection is. It’s a wonderful strategy that also helps to fortify the publisher’s credibility and authority on the topic.

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